Monday, February 14, 2011

Conversations I've had (or overheard) with my son this past week:

*while he was on the potty*
a: I have a penis
me: Yes you do.
a: Like mommy's penis.
me: Uh, mommy doesn't have a penis. Only boys have penises.
a: Like grandma?

I tucked my son in bed then a few minutes later I heard him whispering to himself. I went and stood outside his door to listen and I heard him saying "boobies" and giggling to himself.

*Pointing at a bruise on an apple*
a: Mommy, it's a pimple.
me: No, that's not a pimple.
a: It's a pimple!
me: How do you know what a pimple is?
a: *Points to my face* Pimple there!


  1. That's just too cute, you can always look at the positive side, at least neither of those conversations happened out in public :-)

    Enjoy it while he's young.

  2. haha, yea enjoy it while he's young.

  3. I'm 20 years old and -still- giggle when I hear the word boobies (be it from me or someone else), so don't expect that to change any time soon!

  4. Lol. 3 year olds come up with comedy gold, don't they? I had 2 of them yesterday, and I get to do it again today.

  5. oh lol thats so funny and innocent~! >:3

  6. I love being around kids, they say and do the funniest things. Its even better if you get it on video and show it to them when they are older and actually understand what they are talking about!

  7. lol my mom told me when i was ~2-3 years old i was lying back in the bath, she stepped out of the room for a moment and when she came back i had an erection and pointed at it proudly with both index fingers!

  8. I fear becoming a parent because of all the awkward questions and exclamations lol


  9. kids are awesome im sure you must think its worth it